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Из удачных подарков:
Ветка Дерева перевела на английский текст "Асимметрии"
оригинальный текст здесь http://www.ark.ru/ins/albums/aviator/aviator.html
перевод здесь http://vetkadereva.livejournal.com/16222.html


I understand my life is asymmetric,
My doorway is animal, my window border is birdy,
I see reptile dust, vertical sea,
Fleshy-finned fishes swim in C minor.

How much time do you spend outboard?
So much times the clown was thrown a cake,
A lot of cream on the face – that`s all,
I drowned and now I really know where we are!

You`re bare like a high-voltage wire,
I hover between reprise and volta,
So many years I dreamed about this moment – and not a bloody thing!
This all excited only in my book.

So many years I grew my navel
So that you could so easy pull out my soul now,
Break my heart and fillip on the nose,
And leave me this and that dreadful scar.

And now I stand here with a cut fishy smile,
I wish I wouldn`t tear the gap among ill waters,
I see my homeless world carried along by water,
My reality is strange – that's clear for everyone.

It blows through the holes, and this wind is water,
I touched your body, your skin is hard,
A man must take everything by force and never cry
It`s certainly nice but distorting.

You`ll open your eyes in the morning and only hole is around,
The wound on the world`s body, breaks and holes in the reverse side,
One can`t sew them up but must somehow survive,
I gnaw myself at the bottom, but sky is below me.

I`m a human amphibian, I flap my branchial cleft,
Sometimes I`m on the bank, sometimes with fishes, and then back again – like on a seesaw,
I have no weigh, nothing can console me,
My grief is like a sea, the tune is full of gaps.

And do you know how does it feel to live with pain?
Sure, you`re a fight expert, and I`m a sleep apnea,
Your every finger is ready to kill and be killed,
And my every cell loves and wants to be loved.

It is obvious I beat with my broken heart off the beat,
Confuse my gestures, sing prayer instead of my concert,
Confuse air with water, and water with love,
Among the states of substance any of them will do for me.

I do breath by touch, listen with my teeth,
Surely it should be simpler, but the hands don`t forgive this,
I see only with two eyes, and thousand of others lost their sight,
I`ve got so much warmth inside, that the water becomes ashes.

The left is not equal to right and I run around,
The wave goes round, an arc closes the fugue.
This love is water. I`m a fish, but there`s no need for a net
And don`t drag this all to the dark Seth`s tunnels.

And do you know how does it feel to live with pain?
Sure, because you consider it to be an attribute of your role.
I`ve undertook this fate, and even this, what was beyond my power.
But I don`t understand why this love hasn`t killed me.

I don`t fit you with this great love,
Everything is too little and narrow for it.
The houses and spaces can`t hold me,
I understand myself, that the world is too small for my passion.

Radio spurts from dynamo.
I`m a medley of male and female.
Eternity takes over the shoulders and no one cures this illness.
I can`t express this neither in a song, nor in speech.

How could I tell what is this?
Sure, you`re a fight expert, and I`m canoe to another.
Silence is in the end of the movie and the note is finished,
And you can hear the bead of sweat trickling down the forehead.


(c) Olga Arefieva2011
translate by vetkadereva

Затем вот такая картинка от angela-lux , чей журнал к сожалению почему-то был удален. Теперь она commediant, и вместе с поздравлением пишет: "Всё произошло по техническим причинам, но я, как прежде, «рада видеть Вас и слышать», и мне всё также хочется Вас «вывязать и вышить» :-)
не шучу -

Ну и вчера совсем неожиданно: на свиданку-репетицию с "Оргией Праведников" в полном составе - прихожу в собранном и рабочем состоянии. Про всякую лично-плюшевую ерунду вроде хэппибездеев не думаю, ибо репетировать пришла. А меня встречают огромным тортом и не менее огромным букетом роз. Надо ли говорить, что репетиция прошла удачно, наваляли мы чего-то сильно эдакого, что в количестве трех песен вы сможете услышать на отмечательстве юбилея альбома "Оглашенные" в клубе Б-2 25-го сентября, на следующий день после моего главного: Аквамарина.
Расходились сильно вдохновленнми и объевшимися ужасно вкусным тортом.

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